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About SGS

Board and Executive Management

SGS is led by a dynamic group of individuals with many years of experience in their respective fields. We are organized into ten lines of business and operate across ten geographic regions. Each business is led by an executive vice president, and each region is led by a chief operating officer.

The Operations Council comprises the executive vice presidents, chief operating officers and functional senior vice presidents, as well as the group’s chief executive officer, chief financial officer and general counsel. They meet regularly throughout the year to determine group-wide strategies and priorities, and review performance. Download the Operations Council organigram.

Operations Council

Chris Kirk


Chris Kirk has been Chief Executive Officer for SGS since late 2006.

Prior to his appointment as CEO, Chris held many senior roles within the company. He was Vice President for Minerals and Environmental Services, a role he held for three years. ...

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Chris Kirk has been Chief Executive Officer for SGS since late 2006.

Prior to his appointment as CEO, Chris held many senior roles within the company. He was Vice President for Minerals and Environmental Services, a role he held for three years. Before this Chris was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of the South East Asia/Pacific region in 2002. Between 1987 and 1999, Chris held a number of senior positions in Thailand, Ghana, Singapore and Australia. From 1981 to 1987 he undertook a range of different roles in the company, including Operations Manager, Business Development Manager and General Manager for SGS New Zealand.

Chris began his career at SGS in 1981 as an Agriculture Inspector in New Zealand. He holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology.

Nationality: British

Born: 1956

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  • Operations
  • Agricultural Services

    Olivier Coppey, EVP

    SGS - Olivier Coppey

    Olivier is Executive Vice President for Agricultural Services, a role he was appointed to in February 2013. Prior to this he was Vice President for Global Seed & Crop Services of the Agriculture business line.

    Olivier joined SGS in 1994 in Cameroon, since when his work has taken him from management roles in India to SGS Headquarters in Geneva which he joined in 2000 as Business Manager for Guaranteed Business Solutions, Liquids and Customer Service. In October 2006 he accepted the role of regional head for Agricultural Services in North America, a position he held until his promotion to lead the newly created market segment Seed & Crop Services in January 2009.

    Olivier earned a Master in Economics from HEC Lausanne in Switzerland.

    Nationality: Swiss

    Born: 1972

  • Automotive Services

    Thomas Klukas, EVP


    Thomas is Executive Vice President, Automotive Services.

    He joined SGS North America in 2005 as Senior Vice President and Regional Business Manager of SGS Automotive Services. From there Thomas was promoted to Global Business Development Vice President, Automotive Services in 2008 before being appointed Executive Vice President, Automotive Services in 2011 and a member of the Operations Council.

    He has been a member of the Bureau Permanent of the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA) since 2011.

    Prior to joining SGS, Thomas worked in different senior management positions for DEKRA SE, Germany.

    Thomas graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Engineering Science in Germany and has completed both an MBA and PhD.

    Nationality: German

    Born: 1965

  • Consumer Testing Services

    Malcolm Reid, EVP


    Malcolm Reid is Executive Vice President for Consumer Testing Services, a post he has held since January 2012. Prior to this he held the position of Executive Vice President of Systems and Services Certification (2007-2011).

    After joining the company in 1987 Malcolm worked in the Middle East, Switzerland and Japan before his appointment as General Manager, Vietnam in 1992. Malcolm was appointed Operations Director in Hong Kong in 1994, then Regional Manager for Eastern China based in Shanghai. This was followed by three years as Managing Director for the Philippines and Guam from 1997 and his appointment in 2000 as Managing Director for Thailand. From 2005 to 2007 he was Managing Director of SGS Australia Pty Ltd.

    Malcolm graduated with a BSc Chemistry (Hons) from the University of Glasgow in 1985.

    Nationality: British

    Born: 1963

  • Environmental Services

    Peter Possemiers, EVP

    SGS - Peter Possemiers

    Peter assumed the position of Executive Vice President for Environmental Services in February 2013. Prior to this he was Global Business Manager for the OGC Downstream unit a position he held since 2007, based in Geneva.

    Before moving to Geneva, Peter held the role of Managing Director in South Korea having moved to Seoul in 2005 from Shanghai. He became OGC Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific in 2002.

    He started with the SGS Group in Australia as a Senior Inspector Chemist in 1983 before moving to Singapore in 1990 to manage its Chemical business. From 1990 to 2002 he held several OGC Management positions based in Singapore, Philippines, China and Australia where he also managed the Environmental unit.

    In 1983 Peter received a Degree in Chemistry and Microbiology from the University of South Australia.

    Nationality: Belgian & Australian

    Born: 1962

  • Governments & Institutions Services

    Roger Kamgaing, EVP


    Roger Kamgaing is the Executive Vice President for Governments and Institutions Services, a role to which he was appointed in April 2014.

    With a solid academic background, professional experience in the sphere of audit and certification for Ernst and Young, and commodity trading in Africa, Roger joined SGS in 1996 as Regional Sales Manager for East Africa. His expertise saw him promoted to Global Sales and Marketing Head for SGS. In 2012, Roger established and managed Kamgaing Associates, a network of consultants providing services to corporations and to governments, as well as launching an African business incubator. He rejoined SGS in 2014 to bring his considerable expertise to his current role of EVP for Governments and Institutions Services.

    Nationality: Swiss

    Born: 1966

  • Industrial Services

    Frankie Ng, EVP


    Frankie is Executive Vice President, Industrial Services, based in Geneva. He took over this responsibility in January 2012. Prior to this he held the position of Executive Vice President of Consumer Testing Services.

    He joined SGS in 1994 as a management trainee before securing promotion in 1996 to CTS Operations Manager in China and Division Manager for SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services. In 2000 Frankie was appointed Managing Director of SGS US Consumer Testing Services.

    Before joining the company he worked briefly with Sodeco S.A. as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Frankie holds a diploma in Engineering from the Engineering School of Geneva and graduated with a degree in Econometrics from the University of Essex, England.

    Nationality:  Swiss

    Born:  1966

  • Life Science Services

    To be announced 

  • Minerals Services

    Michael Belton, EVP


    Michael has been Executive Vice President, Minerals Services since 2007. He is currently a member of the Board of the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI).

    He started working for SGS as Special Project Manager for the Minerals Services business team in 2002. He has also held positions as first Vice President for Non-Ferrous and then Managing Director for Minerals Services, North America.

    Before joining SGS, Michael worked for Alfred H. Knight. Starting for them as a research chemist, he was a technical director between 1992 and 1993 and was promoted to Executive Vice President for North America.

    Educated in the UK, Michael has more than 20 years of experience in the commercial laboratory and sampling industry. By training he is an analytical chemist, receiving his degree in Chemistry in 1983.  During his career, he has worked in all the major mining countries and regions and has lived in Europe and North America. He is also a former member of several BSI technical committees.

    Nationality: British

    Born: 1960

  • Oil, Gas & Chemicals Services

    Alim Saidov, EVP


    Alim is Executive Vice President, Oil, Gas & Chemicals, and has been since 2007.

    He joined SGS in 1993 as Senior Inspector, Redwood, Azerbaijan. In 1999 he moved to Georgia as General Manager of the SGS office before becoming Managing Director, SGS Kazakhstan and the Caspian region, in 2001. In 2004 he held the position of Managing Director for SGS Canada and NAFTA Business Development Manager, and then Chief Operating Officer SGS North America in the same year. In 2005 Alim was appointed Chief Operating Officer for Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

    Alim holds a degree in Engineering Electrophysics and achieved his PhD in Chemistry in 1993.

    Nationality: Azerbaijani

    Born: 1964

  • Systems & Services Certification

    Francois Marti, EVP


    Francois is Executive Vice President for Systems and Services Certification a role he was appointed to in March 2012. Francois also fulfills the role of Senior Vice President Strategic Transformation, a position he has held since 2011.

    Before this appointment Francois had previously worked for SGS and held the post of Vice President Continuous Improvement for two years from 2003. Prior to joining the company Francois held the post of CEO at Fiat Services from 2005 until 2011.

    Since completing his university education his career has included time spent working as a Senior Manager at Pricewaterhousecoopers / IBM in Basel.

    Nationality: Swiss

    Born: 1968

  • Corp. Develop- ment, IR, Com- munications

    J.L. de Buman, SVP


    Jean-Luc is Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations.

    Prior to joining SGS in 1998, he spent 20 years in International Corporate Finance at UBS in Zurich, London and Frankfurt. He was Head of Fixed Income & Derivatives in Switzerland at UBS, previously having held the positions of Head of Capital Market Transactions & Risk Management and Vice President of Corporate Finance within the company.

    Until 1978 Jean-Luc studied Law at the University of Fribourg, More recently he has completed various programs at INSEAD, IMD and IBJ Tokyo.

    Nationality: Swiss

    Born: 1953

  • Finance

    Carla De Geyseleer, CFO, SVP


    Carla De Geyseleer joined SGS as Chief Finance Officer and Senior Vice President, Finance, in November 2014.

    Carla joined SGS from Vodafone Libertel the Netherlands, where she held the role of CFO. Prior to this she gained sound auditing experience at Ernst & Young in Belgium and subsequently worked for 15 years with DHL, where she held growing responsibilities in various operational and corporate positions to ultimately assume the position of CFO of DHL Express Benelux.

    She holds a Masters degree in Economic and Financial Sciences from the Economische Hogeschool Sint Aloysius (EHSAL) in Brussels and an MBA from the IMD in Lausanne.

    Nationality: Belgian

    Born: 1968

  • Human Resources

    D. Ben Dhaou, SVP


    Dominique is Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

    Since joining SGS in 2001 she has worked in several roles within Human Resources. Starting as International Compensation and Benefits Manager, she then assumed in addition the role of Africa Regional Human Resources Manager in 2003 before being promoted Assistant Vice President, Human Resources Manager in 2005 and latterly Vice President of Human Resources.

    Prior to joining the company Dominique worked in Human Resources at Firmenich S.A, Novartis Consumer Health and Levi Strauss & Co. In 1987 she graduated with a degree in Hotel Industry Management.

    Nationality: Swiss

    Born: 1965

  • Legal & Compliance

    Olivier Merkt, SVP


    Olivier is SGS’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, a role he has held since 2008.

    In 2001 Olivier joined SGS as In-House Counsel, before his promotion to Vice President, Corporate Development for the group. Prior to joining the company he worked mainly in private practice, ultimately with Ernst & Young Legal in Geneva.

    Olivier holds a Doctorate degree in law from the Université of Neuchâtel, Switzerland and an LLM degree from Cambridge University, England.

    Nationality: Swiss

    Born: 1962

  • Strategic Transformation

    Francois Marti, SVP


    Francois is Senior Vice President Strategic Transformation, a post he accepted in 2011. He is also Executive Vice President for Systems and Services Certification, a role he was appointed to in March 2012. Before this appointment Francois had previously worked for SGS and held the post of Vice President Continuous Improvement for two years from 2003.

    Prior to his joining SGS Francois held the post of CEO at Fiat Services from 2005 until 2011. Since completing his university education his career has included time spent working as a Senior Manager at Pricewaterhousecoopers/IBM in Basel.

    Francois graduated with a degree in International Relations from Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva in 1994.

    Nationality: Swiss

    Born: 1968

  • Northern and Central Europe

    Dirk Hellemans, COO


    Dirk is Chief Operating Officer, Central & North West Europe, a post he has held since 2002. He is also Managing Director for the Netherlands and Belgium.

    After joining us in 1988 as Director for SGS Qualitest in our Belgium office Dirk worked in various roles gaining experience across a broad range of our businesses. From SGS Qualitest Dirk was promoted to Regional Manager with Systems and Services Certification Europe in 1999. In 1997 he was appointed to the role of Managing Director for Belgium and in 2002 was appointed COO and at the same time also Managing Director for the Netherlands.

    In 1982 Dirk studied at the Vlerick Management School (Gent University) where he achieved a degree in Management. Before this, Dirk graduated from Leuven University with a Chemical Engineering degree in 1981.

    Nationality: Belgian

    Born: 1958

  • Southern Central Europe

    Ladislav Papík, COO

    SGS - Ladislav Papik

    Ladislav was appointed to the role of Chief Operating Officer, South Eastern Europe in February 2013. He is also Managing Director of SGS Hungária Kft. and SGS Slovakia spol. s r.o..

    After joining SGS in 1991, Ladislav worked in various roles gaining experience across a broad range of our businesses including a solid background in auditing and training. Prior to joining the company, he worked in Slovakia’s biggest steel manufacturing plant and in a superintending company for export and import goods in Slovakia as well as Europe and Middle East countries. He has also worked on several projects with international companies.

    Ladislav graduated from Slovakia’s Technical University Košice, College of Metallurgical Engineering in 1976 with a Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering. During his career he has been trained in several areas of certification and inspection.

    Nationality: Slovakian

    Born: 1953

  • Eastern Europe & Middle East

    Teymur Abasov, COO


    Teymur has held the position of Chief Operating Officer, Eastern Europe & Middle East since 2007. After graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1994 he joined SGS as a senior inspector in our Azerbaijan office.

    Between 1994 and 2004 Teymur held several key roles for SGS in the region. Following promotion he became OGC Division Manager for SGS Azeri before moving on in 2002 to the role of Operations Manager SGS Azeri. In 2003 he was appointed Managing Director of SGS Georgia before his appointment to the role of Managing Director SGS Azeri and Georgia in 2004 and latterly Managing Director SGS Kazakhstan and Caspian Region in 2006.

    Nationality: Azerbaijani

    Born: 1972

  • Western Europe

    Pauline Earl, COO


    Pauline is Chief Operating Officer, Western Europe.

    With a background in quality assurance and product development Pauline joined SGS in 1995 as an Auditor in Belfast. Various management roles followed within SSC, Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Agriculture and Minerals, culminating in her appointment as SSC UK Business Manager in 2004. In 2007 Pauline became Managing Director, SGS UK, a post she continues to hold today.

    Prior to joining SGS Pauline worked as Technical Manager for Stewarts Supermarkets and Quality Assurance/Product Development Manager for Dale Farm Dairies. In 1984 she achieved a BSc (Hons) in Food Science.

    Nationality: British

    Born: 1961

  • Africa Region

    Fred Herren, COO


    Fred is the Chief Operating Officer for the Africa Region, and has been since September 2010.

    Following seven years working in a variety of roles for the World Economic Forum Fred joined SGS in 1987 as Vice President of SGS S.A.’s Economic Affairs Divisions. In 1995 Fred joined Unilabs S.A. as General Manager for their international division based initially in London and then in Geneva. In 1998 he rejoined SGS as Head of Operations and Business Development, Trade Assurance Division before elevation to Executive Vice President, Automobile Services in 2003 and more recently to his current position as COO Africa and EVP, Government and Institutions Services.

    Nationality: Swiss

    Born: 1955

  • North America

    Jeffrey McDonald, COO


    Jeffrey has been Chief Operating Officer for North America since 2007.

    Jeffrey joined SGS Thailand in 1994 as Training Manager and was appointed Division Manager of Certification Services in 1998. In 2000 he became South East Asian Sub-regional Manager for Certification Services as well as Manager of the Consumer Products Division in SGS Thailand. In 2003 he was appointed Global Project Manager for Systems and Services Certification and, in 2004, he was named Executive Vice President for Systems and Services Certification.

    Jeffrey has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Griffith University, a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Technology, and an Engineering degree from the Yeronga Technical and Further Education College (TAFE), Australia.

    Nationality: Australian

    Born: 1964

  • South America

    A. Gomez de la Torre, COO

    SGS - Alejandre Gomez de la Torre

    Alejandro is Chief Operating Officer for South America, a post he has held since 2002.

    After joining SGS in 1986 as an International Management Trainee he quickly progressed to Operations Manager for SGS’s Peru office and on to Commercial Managing Director. In 1996 Alejandro was appointed National Chief Executive for Peru, a role which led to his appointment as Andean (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Peru) Sub Region Manager and latterly the dual role of Latin American Regional Manager and Managing Director, SGS Peru – a role he still holds today.

    Alejandro’s first role for the company was with SGS’s agent in Peru. Prior to this he worked for a customs agency and trading company. He achieved his International Business Administration Degree in 1983.

    Nationality: Peruvian

    Born: 1959

  • China & Hong Kong

    Helmut Chik, COO


    Helmut has been Chief Operating Officer for China and Hong Kong since 2004. Before this appointment he was Managing Director of our Hong Kong business for two years and Vice President of Global Softlines.

    In a career spanning more than 20 years with SGS Helmut has also held a number of executive positions in the Economic Affairs Division (HK) and the Consumer Products Division (HK).

    After completing a Sociology degree Helmut acquired two graduate diplomas in Human Resources Management and Accounting. He also holds an Executive MBA from Hong Kong’s City University.

    Nationality: Hong Kong Chinese

    Born: 1966

  • Eastern Asia

    Dennis Yang, COO


    Dennis is Chief Operating Officer, Eastern Asia, and has been since 2002.

    Since joining SGS as an Inspector for SGS Far East Ltd, Taiwan in 1975 Dennis has held many positions for the company. Prior to his appointment as Assistant General Manager, Taiwan in 1992 he worked his way from Assistant Division Manager to Branch Manager in just four years. Prior to his Chief Operating Officer appointment in 2002 Dennis was Managing Director, SGS Taiwan and Business Unit Manager of Industrial Services, Greater China (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) from 2000.

    Dennis holds an EMBA from National Sun-Yat-San University. He also has a BS degree in Marine Engineering from the National Taiwan Marine and Ocean University.

    Nationality: Taiwanese

    Born: 1949

  • South Eastern Asia & Pacific

    Anthony Hall, COO


    Anthony is Chief Operating Officer, South Eastern Asia & Pacific, a role he has held since 2009.

    Since joining SGS in 2001 with the acquisition of SSL (Scientific Services Ltd) he has held a number of positions including General Manager for Oil, Gas and Chemicals, Environmental, Automotive and Industrial divisions. With a wealth of experience in the mining and minerals exploration industry Anthony was appointed Southeast Asia-Pacific Coordinator for the Industrial Division in 2005. In 2007 he was appointed Managing Director, SGS Australasia.

    Before joining SGS Anthony was Group Operations Manager of SSL as well as Managing Director of Gearhart Group and Director of three SSL subsidiaries.

    Nationality: Australian

    Born: 1963



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