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How can you improve efficiency and assure consistent quality across your global supply chain?

In the aerospace industry there can be no compromises, no negligence. Supervisory authorities, such as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), regulate the market with stringent certification standards. As a result you need to meet the highest possible levels of safety, quality, durability and reliability across your supply chain.

Increasing demands are being placed on quality in workmanship and assembly, on components and modules and on the development of innovative materials. Aircraft are expected to be more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient, able to fly for longer and be cheaper to maintain.

At the same time, your competitive and cost pressures are growing. Airlines can‘t simply pass on the higher prices for raw materials, fuel and infrastructure to the passengers. Consequently, efficiency has to be improved in all areas.

Everyone in the supply chain is being forced to supply aircraft parts and to build and operate aircraft at increasingly lower prices – although quality requirements are continuously increasing. That is why finding a trusted partner to help you increase efficiency to reduce costs, risks and production outages, while still meeting stringent regulations is essential.

World leading aviation and aerospace services from a trusted provider

As a world leader in certification, inspection verification and testing, we offer you unrivalled experience in the aviation and aerospace industries. We offer you a full range of quality management services, covering everything from analysis to certification. We can help you improve processes, access skilful talent, ensure consistent and compliant supply chains and more sustainable customer relationships. In short, we can deliver profitable competitive advantage, wherever your operations are based, anywhere in the world.

We can help you:

  • Ensure quality and efficiency at every stage: we can test every single part of an aircraft intensively and non-destructively. We can help you ensure the structural integrity of the airframe, the safety and comfort of the cabin, and the safety and reliability of the core system, electronics and engine
  • Reduce costs and increase quality through effective research, development and design: we provide support for R&D projects, providing analysis, evaluation and testing to prevent failures and develop innovation. We also provide you with support throughout the planning and design phase
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of component manufacturing and assembly: we can help you with every phase of manufacturing and assembly, providing quality control and assurance, production supervision, assessing factories and suppliers and processes. We can also provide materials testing, metrology and analysis for indoor air, fuel, lubricants, failure and damage analysis and product validation
  • Access the skills you need: with our global reach and extensive experience in specialist recruitment we can help you find highly qualified technical personnel
  • Comply with aviation and aerospace standards: we can provide certification for your entire quality management system, helping you meet a wide range of standards, including AS 9100 in the Americas, EN 9100 for the European market and JISQ 9100 in the Asia-Pacific region

To discuss how we can help you improve quality and efficiency, contact us today.

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