Brexit Updates

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Find out the latest news on Brexit and how you can prepare to meet new transit and customs regulations.


Terminating T1-T2 in the UK

Ending and Termination of Transit Declarations: UK Specifics

Terminating a transit for goods arriving at a destination is the responsibility of the Holder of the Procedure (HoP). The HoP must ensure that a customs officer, an agent or an authorised consignee “ends” the T2/T1.

Port of Felixstowe

Port of Felixstowe – Starting Transit Declarations

The Port of Felixstowe is a major port located in the south east of the UK, with good connections to the Port of Rotterdam as well as being a major port for goods arriving from “Rest of the World” countries including China and the USA.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland – Starting Transit Declarations from Belfast Harbour

It is possible to open transit declarations from Belfast Harbour under the normal procedure but, depending on the final destination, a different transit declaration is required.

Harwich Port

Harwich Port – Starting Transit Declarations

Harwich Port is a popular exit port located in the south east of the UK, north of London with good links to the EU via the Port of Rotterdam. It is possible to open transit declarations for movements through the Port of Rotterdam to a destination in the EU.


Portsmouth Port – starting transit declarations

Portsmouth is another exit port from the UK with ferry connections to France via the ferry company Brittany Ferries. It is possible to start transit declarations from this port under the normal/standard procedure. The customs office of departure code should be GB000292.

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The Port of Hull – starting transit declarations

The Port of Hull is a popular exit point of the UK to destinations in the EU including the Netherlands and Belgium. It is an inventory linked port which makes the process of starting transit declarations from this port slightly different from other non-inventory linked ports (Harwich, Portsmouth, etc.,)

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Port of Dover/Folkestone – opening and closing transit declarations

It is possible to open transit declarations at the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel as the customs office of departure. Drivers are unable to present themselves to customs and the presentation of a valid LRN and commercial documents should be done via Motis for an additional fee per declaration.

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SGS TransitNet and The Custom House, Ashford – breaking records

On February 26, 2021, our Partners, The Custom House released a new record of 213 Transit declarations generated via TransitNet.

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France: ENS Requirements and TransitNet – as of March 1, 2021

A truck/trailer/container entering France without a valid ENS MRN may be fined or even turned back.

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Great Britain – Inland Customs Facilities

There are a number of inland customs offices where it is possible to start transit declarations in Great Britain and where drivers can present themselves at customs (except Dover). These locations are 24/7 and operate 365 days a year.

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Starting Transit Declarations at Immingham

Immingham is one of the most popular exit and entry ports in the UK due to its regular sailings from the UK to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Approved clients of SGS TransitNet can start their transit declarations from Immingham. Drivers cannot present themselves to Border Force (UK customs) in person to release the transit(s).

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Transit Departure to the EU Simplified

SGS and The Custom House in Ashford have joined forces to offer approved SGS clients a strategically developed location to start transit declarations without the need to attend a customs office.

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