SGS and The Custom House, Ashford

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Transit departure to the EU Simplified

SGS and The Custom House in Ashford have joined forces to offer approved SGS clients a strategically developed location to start transit declarations without the need to attend a customs office.

Access and Routes

The Custom House in Ashford is located on Waterbrook park, close to the Temporary Border Control Post at the International Truck Stop and not far from the new Sevington border facility. It provides the perfect location for drivers to start their transit declarations before exiting the UK for the EU via Dover or the Eurotunnel.

To access the location in Ashford, drivers must continue on the M20 and not take the diversion to Manston. The drivers should explain that they must attend the location in Ashford to begin the transit procedure. They can do this by showing a specially produced PDF document (see Fallback Procedure section below) which details why exactly the drivers must be allowed to go to The Custom House in Ashford.


The Custom House, Ashford
Unit 21, Waterbrook Park, Arrowhead Road, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0FL

Process at The Customs House

To avail of the service at this facility, the drivers of approved clients of SGS are required to present themselves at The Custom House. The drivers should be in possession of a unique TransitNet transit declaration number (TSN) and this number should be presented to the staff at The Custom House to start the transit procedure. The process detailed below:

  1. Client or SGS TransitNet client centre creates the transit declaration in TransitNet, uploads the accompanying documents (e.g. CMR, Invoice, Export declaration) into the system and submits the (group) of declarations
  2. The customs office of departure should be GB000246 and the agreed location code for The Custom House should be indicated
  3. Once created and validated, TransitNet will return the LRN(s) and TSN(s) to the declarations(s) which should be in status ‘Accepted by Client Centre’
  4. The TSN(s) should be provided to the driver by the client or SGS
  5. Driver attends The Custom House in Ashford and presents their TSN (s) and documents
  6. The Custom House staff check the details and submit the declaration (s) to HMRC
  7. After a few minutes, HMRC assign the transit declaration an MRN confirming that the data has been successfully received
  8. HMRC then have 15 minutes to decide if the truck will be taken for control
  9. If the truck receives a customs control message, HMRC will attend the site to control the truck. (The Custom House staff will inform the driver that the truck has been taken for control)
  10. If no control message is received, the transit will be released for transit and the Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) will be generated
  11. The Custom House staff will print the TAD and give it to the driver whilst also returning the drivers commercial documents
  12. Drivers should check the TAD (s) and documentation to ensure they have received the right paperwork
  13. The Custom House staff can also complete the French Smart Border system registration if necessary (recommended for trucks with multiple MRNs)

More Information

For more information about the service from this location, see the below brochure and the step by step guide created especially for drivers or please contact SGS TransitNet or your local client centre.

Download The Custom House brochure >
Download The Custom House step-by-step guide >

Fallback Procedure

Should the location in Ashford be unavailable, drivers will be redirected by the police to the Manston inland border facility. There they will be required to be in possession of a valid LRN to begin the transit procedure. Declarations from Manston should have GB000060 as the customs office of departure and should be submitted under the “normal” procedure. If applicable, the Client or Client Centre must edit their TSN(s) with Ashford as the departure location with the Transit to start from Manston.

Download the driver’s instructions leaflet >