The Port of Hull – starting transit declarations

aerial view of industrial pier

The Port of Hull is a popular exit point of the UK to destinations in the EU including the Netherlands and Belgium.

Hull is an inventory linked port which makes the process of starting transit declarations from this port slightly different to other non-inventory linked ports (Harwich, Portsmouth, etc.,)

Transits from Hull are submitted under the normal or standard procedure which means an LRN must be presented to UK Border Force and processed by them. The customs office of departure code is GB000072.

It is also important that the Location of the Goods on the Export declaration is indicated as Hull which will ensure that the UCR of the Export declaration is linked to inventory system of Hull.

The process confirmed by UK border force in regard to opening transits from Hull is:

  • Arrive at the P&O Gatehouse:
    P&O North Sea Ferries Ltd
    Hull Ferry Terminal 1
    King George Dock
    Hedon Road
    Hull, HU9 5PS
  • On Arrival, pass the LRN number to the P&O Gatehouse staff
  • When received by the P&O Gatehouse Staff they will transmit the LRN to UK Border Force confirming that the load is on the quay
  • UK Border Force will process the LRN number and transmit the T documents with the relevant MRN barcodes to the P&O Gatehouse
  • On receipt of the T documents, the P&O Gatehouse will either give the T document to the driver or place the T document in the Ships Bag

The necessary ENS declaration needed for entry to the Netherlands and Belgium are generated by the ferry company based on information provided at the time of the ferry booking.

A notification in the local port system in the Netherlands and Belgium is also necessary. For transits from the UK through the Netherlands and Belgium, this notification is handled by the ferry company.

For more information about starting transits from the Port of Hull, please contact your local SGS client centre or UK Border Force based in Hull at the following email address: