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Introducing an inexpensive and efficient digital solution for Irish companies to create and submit transit declarations along with an in-house guarantee post-Brexit.

Post-Brexit, Irish companies using the UK landbridge to transport their goods to and from mainland Europe and beyond now need a transit customs declaration. With our unique customs solution, users can easily and efficiently create and submit transit declarations to the Irish Revenue customs system, which once processed are then transferred to the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) – a network of 34 national customs systems. Plus, we also provide the guarantee that can be up to and in excess of 28% of the total value of the goods being transported.

Why do I need SGS TransitNet once Brexit happens?

From January 1, 2021, the UK has effectively become what is known as, in customs terms, a ‘third country’. As a result, any goods moving from Ireland to the EU via the UK landbridge and vice versa will now require a transit declaration.

To submit a transit declaration, companies need a comprehensive customs guarantee along with customs-adapted software. These can be difficult and expensive to obtain and maintain. In Ireland SGS TransitNet provides a unique package that offers Irish companies a cheaper, more efficient, multinational e-customs transit service – without the need to have your own guarantee or software.

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Key Features of TransitNet


TransitNet clients do not need to own their own customs guarantees; which can be extremely expensive to maintain. All transit declarations created via TransitNet are submitted using SGS's own customs guarantees in accordance with Customs Territory Regulation. This removes any additional financial burden on companies who use our service. Also, we provide the guarantee needed for each shipment, which can be up to and in excess of 28% of the total value of the goods being transported.


No prior knowledge in the area of customs is needed with TransitNet. We make the entire process simple for you. TransitNet is faster and cheaper than other road transit services. You can choose to manage your TransitNet account, saving time and money, or allow SGS to take care of it for you.


Through TransitNet, users can submit transit documents as well as export documents. This means that trucks travelling to Europe and beyond via the UK land bridge are covered by a transit declaration issued by TransitNet. Trucks travelling from Ireland to the UK are covered by an export declaration and a transit declaration which will move customs clearance away from ports to an inland location.

Support agents


Along with the initial onboarding and training that is provided once you sign up to TransitNet, you benefit from continuous 24/7 support for all matters connected to your transit declarations created in the system. Through our affiliates and our team of over 200 customs experts, SGS TransitNet can offer technical support as well as support in dealing with problems at local customs.


SGS TransitNet not only enables you to perform transit and export declarations from Ireland. You can also submit transit declarations from 24 NCTS countries which covers return journeys via the UK back to Ireland. TransitNet also allows users to submit complete customs documents for trucks travelling from Ireland to destinations including Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.

Easy Registration Process


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Once you sign up to TransitNet, you will be trained by one of our TransitNet experts so you will be comfortable with the system before you start using it yourself.


With around-the-clock ongoing support you can relax in the knowledge that you can control and monitor your customs declarations in one place from TransitNet.

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