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Post-Brexit, Irish companies using the UK landbridge to transport their goods to and from mainland Europe, and beyond, will need a Transit Customs Declaration. To help with this, SGS has created a unique, easy-to-use digital solution for the Irish market, where users can create and submit Transit Declarations to the Irish Revenue customs system in advance of their journey. To ease any financial burden on companies, SGS also provides the financial guarantee in favor of Customs that can be up to and in excess of 28% of the total value of the goods being transported.

Mountain and Truck

From January 1, 2021, the UK will effectively become a ‘third country’ and any goods moving from Ireland to the EU via the UK landbridge and vice versa will require a Transit Declaration.

To submit a Transit Declaration, companies need a comprehensive customs guarantee and customs adapted software. These can be difficult and expensive to obtain and maintain.

SGS TransitNet offers Irish companies a multinational e-customs transit service without the need to have their own guarantee or software. Taking the headache out of approaching banks or lenders for large guarantees is a big advantage. With SGS’s significant guarantee pool, we can assure companies that when they sign up to the TransitNet service, the resources are available to cover multiple transit movements including transit declarations for high value goods such as medicaments and excise goods.

TransitNet is a multinational, multimodal, e-customs transit guarantee service where SGS acts as a Holder of the Procedure (HoP)[i] towards customs on behalf of its clients (shippers, brokers, freight forwarders, etc.), enabling users to create transit and export declarations and submit them to any of the customs systems where SGS is HoP and track them online.

SGS TransitNet is a user-friendly web-based application system which allows users to submit Transit Declarations to 24 countries using the EU’s New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) and Belarus which is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Users can also control and monitor their transit declarations with real-time updates from local customs and NCTS systems through one single window.

The service is based on a simple “pay per click” model where users only pay for transit declarations which they have created and submitted to the national customs system. The price per transit declaration is proportional to the customs debt which is calculated automatically by TransitNet based on the local tariff book. In addition, TransitNet users can also relax in the knowledge that their return journey from any one of the 24 NCTS countries via the UK landbridge to Ireland is also covered by TransitNet.

[i] Holder of the procedure is the person who lodges the customs declaration, or on whose behalf that declaration is lodged. It's also the person to whom the rights and obligations in respect of a customs procedure have been transferred.

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