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Innovative practices and an extensive portfolio in PVT interpretation and modelling deliver competitive advantage at the best quality.

A key challenge during oil field exploration and development is to understand the behaviour of reservoir fluids to optimise the end-to-end process of reservoir management. Today’s industry demands innovative low-cost technologies that not only evaluate fluid properties but also help solve any fluid-related issues encountered.

SGS’s global network provides integrated pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) analysis that encompasses the entire range of services needed for effective oil field exploration and development. From sampling and laboratory investigations, to modelling and interpretation our PVT solutions can be used stand-alone or in combination with our comprehensive suite of upstream services. We focus on providing you with reliable fluid analyses that solve your key production issues and enhance the productivity of your oil and gas field.

Why use integrated PVT services from SGS?

  • Interpretation and modelling of PVT data is performed by our subsurface consultancy team of highly skilled geoscientists and reservoir, drilling and well engineers
  • Our subsurface experts ensure that investigative samples represent the wellstream quality. Once this is established, it is followed by quality control (QC) for individual experimental data. Post-QC, our experts develop equation of state (EOS) models, calibrated to reliable laboratory results
  • EOR and coreflood experiments are also numerically modelled and calibrated against experimental results, to better understand relevant mechanisms for sensitivity analysis and integration into a sector or a full-field reservoir model
  • Innovative practices and an extensive portfolio in PVT interpretation and modelling means our experts can offer you competitive advantage and the ability to deliver your final product at the best quality possible

Innovation & integration

We have developed innovative technologies and integrated workflows that bring together the disciplines and expertise of our staff into project-based teams. This approach means you get the results you need as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Our expertise includes services for:

  • Advanced fluid sampling techniques at wellhead, bottomhole or separator outlets
  • Onsite fluid analyses
  • Laboratory investigations including enhanced oil recovery (EOR), flow assurance and general crude assay
  • Interpretation and modelling

Why choose SGS?

With extensive experience, a global network of offices and laboratories, and dedicated project-based teams, we aim to create competitive advantage and maximize extraction value for the oil and gas industry.

Contact us to find out how we can help you in solving your reservoir fluid characterisation, from the lab to field application.