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Specialised studies provide answers to specific problems in the areas of geophysics, geology, petro-physics, reservoir, drilling, completion and facility engineering.

These studies are normally part of our integrated study workflow, but can be provided as standalone at any stage of a project. This could be during the exploration, appraisal, development or production phase of the asset’s life. SGS specialised studies teams can provide the necessary support and information required for you to undertake and successfully develop your hydrocarbon resources.

Our range of specialised studies services covers all the technical aspects you might need, from high-end seismic processing and inversion, to geological modelling of fractured reservoirs and from compositional reservoir simulation to design of underbalanced drilling programmes with multilaterals in tight gas reservoirs and on to PVT studies. We utilise our expertise to provide you with geophysical services, production and reservoir geology services, petrophysical services and reservoir engineering services.

No matter what your requirements, our team of SGS experts can provide the appropriate answer to your question. Read on, or contact us for further details on all our specialised studies services and how they can benefit you.