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Large projects present complex risks and challenges.

Whether your project is building infrastructure, organising supply chains or factory-based, you will need to set up comprehensive risk management processes to assess and mitigate threats and potential disruptions. At SGS, our expert risk management teams have global experience of working on large projects, and will help you to identify and quantify risks and assist in defining strategies to optimise project outcomes.

Our SGS teams have experience of large project and finance risk assessment, and will help to:

  • Plan and co-ordinate large projects
  • Minimise the impact of potential threats and identify opportunities for improvement and cost reductions
  • Focus communication efforts to ensure that information is shared across the team
  • Clarify ownership of risk effects
  • Gather information to prioritise risks 
  • Implement risk responses to add value, to prevent a threat occurring or minimise negative effects

We are well known for our global, finance risk management experience across a wide range of industries. Our experts will enable you to keep your focus on the right strategic financial architecture for your project, that will allow future options for strategic renegotiation.